Mother Nature: Amazonia - Pantanal

Nature; unique, dazzling and sometimes even untouched by the hand of man. We have selected the most spectacular places for you to visit. You will find them in the itineraries below.

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Brazil the Verdant - Pantanal

Explore the largest flood-plain of the Earth, declared a World Heritage Site. Stay 4 nights at the Pousada Rio Mutum and enjoy your air-conditioned chalet with minibar. Ride the friendly trained horses. Fish for piranhas that you can use as bait for the alligators that stand guard at the door of your inn! Get to know many different birds and animals.

Ecopark Jungle: excellent lodge 30 minutes by boat from Manaus

Spend two nights in close contact with nature; you can go walking, see animals and medicinal plants, fish for piranhas, watch the alligators at night and as an optional experience you can go to see the beautiful pink dolphins. Stay in the Hotel “Selva Ecopark”, in a comfortable bungalow, and delight in the excellent gastronomy. Come and experience true nature.

Anavilhanas Lodge: comfort and charm in the heart of the jungle

Journey into the Amazon. Stay for 4 nights in one of the comfortable bungalows of the Anavilhanas Lodge, fully at home with nature; the architecture is tasteful, and they offer a very comfortable and excellent service. You can go on canoeing and walking excursions, where you can discover animals and medicinal plants. Visit an indigenous community and enjoy their culture. See the pink dolphins up close. (Optional tour).

Juma Lodge: feel like an indigenous in the treetops

Spend 3 nights in natural surroundings, comfortably installed amongst the treetops, in a residence built on stilts. The tide here rises and falls by up to 50 feet. This is probably the most authentic lodge in the area, and has excellent comfortable facilities ... Go hiking, see animals and medicinal plants, catch piranhas, and see alligators at night. Meet the pink dolphins up close (optional).

The Amazon not far from Manaus

Explore the beautiful Manaus Theatre, in the historic centre, with its magnificent architecture, an ostentatious embodiment of the past successes of the rubber industry. Staying comfortably in a hotel in this modern city, surrounded by forests, you can embark on a journey to discover the fauna and flora of the Amazon. The Amazon is a Brazilian Temple, a place that is home to one tenth of the animal and plant species of our planet, and where cultures and traditions are deeply embedded in the land.

Tariri: excellent little lodge for families

Spend 3 nights at the Tariri, an ecological hotel with typical regional architecture. Turn off your mobile phone and instead connect with the forest. Live for a while without modern technology, like Wi-Fi and air conditioning; make do with just a fan. Then ... watch the monkeys, find the pink dolphins (optional), or fish for piranhas. See the alligators in the middle of a forest that resonates with a million different sounds.

The Amazon by boat

Aboard a typical Amazon boat, discover the beauty of the Amazon rainforest over the water. Your captain will take you to the most unusual places, your cook will give you a taste of all new flavors, without forgetting your guide and his in-depth knowledge of the forest ...

Tupana: survive a night in the jungle

Learn how to survive a night in the jungle (sleeping in a hammock, how to get water, food, first aid, etc.). And then enjoy 2 nights at Tupana Jungle Lodge, an ecological hotel with typical regional architecture. You connect with the forest, observe the animals, fish the famous piranhas and above all disconnect your mobile phone. Here, it is without technology or Wi-Fi, without air conditioning, just a fan ...