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About us

Hello, I’m Eric Ravineau, creator of travel. I suggest only itineraries that I have tested myself; and I know the Northeast of Brazil (where I opened my travel agency in 2003) like the back of my hand...


I personally visit the hotels, and select the vehicles, drivers, guides ... It's my way of investing in my tours to ensure their quality.


And I can help you benefit from my advice and information so that we can tailor and construct a trip which perfectly suits your preferences, and yours alone.


I will be your available for you to contact throughout the whole of your trip. I will be at your disposal from the planning stage of your project until the end of the itinerary and your return home.


During your trip, we can be in permanent contact by either telephone or WhatsApp. Follow the guide!


 And now I would like to tell you about how A & A Tour was created ... And why, I opened my agency ...


I have always been fascinated by travel, and I have always travelled, often as a journalist, in many countries, from some of the most beautiful to some of the craziest, like Somalia in the middle of a civil war, or South Sudan ... But then there was a particular moment in my life that made me question everything ... and coax me get out of my comfort zone ... It was like an electric shock, an accident that I was not prepared for ... It was when life hit me hard and my mother made her last big trip ...


At the same time of my mother’s demise, my son Hugo was born, and soon after, so was my agency A & A Tour ... At that moment, I saw the hand and the will of God ...


When my mother passed, I felt a huge need to be reborn from her ashes...  So, I decided to do what I do best, something that I had inherited, something that my mother loved to do - TRAVEL! I got together with my dad and my 14 year old daughter Raquel, and we ... TRAVELLED!


We rented a 4x4 and set off on a nomadic trip, along the beaches of Northeast Brazil, from Fortaleza to São Luis ... At that time, in 2003, very few people knew this route which today has become the famous “Emotional Rollercoaster” ...


And when we got back, I introduced this trip on the French market. It was the first itinerary I had created ... And it was successful!


Today, we organize trips all over Brazil, as well as Peru and France: 50% of our sales come from big agencies or “TO d´Europe”. And the other 50%, come from customers like you who we meet on the internet via our 3 travel sites and blogs.


In 2013, we started to work with directly with the Brazilian public, and we created 3 different brands:


“Exclusivos” for the Brazilian public. www.exclusivos.tur.br

 “Voyage au Brésil” for the French-speaking public. www.explorebrazil.com.br

“Explore Brazil” for the English-speaking public.  www.explorebrazil.com.br

And life goes on ... Today, I'm doing what I love most in life! Travelling to help make my friends’ and my clients’ journeys better! A story of love and family.